• Ability to withstand a wide array of temperatures
  • Consistency of product quality
  • Bio friendly



Would you like to make your products brighter or more opaque?

How can you get the level of gloss you are looking for?

How can you increase your process productivity?


Are increasingly expensive pulp fibers cutting into your profit margins?

Are the raw materials like carbon black and rubber difficult to source currently?

We can provide a less expensive just as effective and natural substitution.


Are you looking for a one source solution for your sizing and desizing?

Need to find a specialty product that would work perfect for you

adhesive or binding solution?

Let Hinton&Hillman help you choose the perfect product for your needs. We specialize in picking products that will maximize your efficiency and save you money. Contact us!

  • Our functional aliphatic water-based polyurethane dispersion are highly durable, water base two-component coatings
  • Working pot life of 8-10 hours
  • Our recoat time of less than 60 minutes saves you time and energy
  • Reduced overall coating costs
  • The high gloss and excellent hardness is easily achievable with our formulations
  • Low to no odor for indoor or outdoor use makes for easy application
  • Non yellowing resin withstands UV degradation and therefore produces great results
  • Low VOC 85 grams per liter and less than 5% NMP for label friendly applications.
  • Our solvent free aliphatic water-based polyurethane dispersions allow for formulation of "greener" coatings, less chemicals is always better
  • 100% Polyurethane allows formulator to personally choose and blend specific ratios
  • Aliphatic backbone produces non yellowing properties which yields great end results
  • We produce high gloss and chemical resistance to formulate tough coatings
  • Solvent free resin can be formulated to meet all future VOC regulation

Innovative Solutions

  • Cost effective substitution for ​​Carbon Black or Silica
  • ​Enhanced performance 
  • ​Improvement of productivity
  • ​Increased electrical insulation


  • Greater purity, fineness, and color.
  • Increased brushability, gloss, and opacity.
  • Higher Viscosity
  • Better ability to hold water and bio-friendly