Water-based & Solvent-based Polyurethane Dispersions

Our most widely sold Polymers are water-based polyurethane dispersions that are environmentally responsible and highly durable.
The versatility and durability of our Polymer products enables them to be used for formulating water-based coatings for wood, vinyl, concrete flooring, and more.

Common applications include;

  • DIY Varnish
  • Professional floor finishes
  • Sports flooring
  • Stains & sealers
  • Wood components
  • Vinyl rigid or flexible
  • Automotive components
  • Floor polish
  • Adhesives & sealants
  • Flexible film adhesives
  • Binders
  • Hard coating for concrete
  • Lamination of Nylon
  • Uses for heat reactivation properties

Examples of Various Applications for Polyurethane Dispersions